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An employment contract in Poland can be terminated:

1) by agreement of the parties

2) by declaration of one of the parties with a notice period (so-called termination of the employment contract with notice)

3) by declaration of one of the parties without notice (termination of the employment contract without notice)

4) with the passage of time for which it was concluded.

It is worth specifying that the notice period begins to run from the moment the employee or employer makes a declaration of intent. Declaration of each party on the termination or termination of the employment contract without notice should be made in writing. Importantly, the employee has no right to refuse to accept the employer’s statement of termination of the employment contract.

The employee’s possible claims in the event of dismissal are another matter. Pursuant to the Labor Code, the notice period for an employment contract comprising a week or month or a multiple thereof ends on Saturday or the last day of the month, respectively. This means that the notice period in weeks will always end on Saturday.

However, if the employee terminates the employment contract with a weekly period other than Saturday, the employment relationship will end after a longer period, because at least one full week must end from Saturday to Saturday.

On the other hand, if the employment contract is terminated for a month, the contract will end on the last day of the month. However, the month in which the statement was made does not count. By way of example, if the notice period is 1 month, by making a statement on August 1, the contract will terminate on September 30.

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